Saturday, December 09, 2023
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Center for Health Promotion

healthpromoHEAPC Center for Health Promotion (HEAPC-CHP) is committed to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives that promote healthy lifestyle choices and decrease preventable disease. HEAPC-CHP focuses on:
  1. Health promotion/ disease prevention (HP/DP) to address disparities in chronic disease and their risk factors; and
  2. Improving behavioral health outcomes.

HEAPC-CHP strives to reduce the burden of disease by strengthen the network of public health professionals, increasing quality and access to care, and engaging in rigorous evaluation. HEAPC’s Center for Health Promotion collaborates with state, federal, tribal, and non-governmental partners to develop efficacious intervention strategies to improve health status.

The elimination of present health disparities include strategies that emphasize community education and behavioral lifestyle change, which require innovative and well-planned approaches that are both culturally appropriate and measurable to assess progress toward healthy communities.

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