Saturday, December 09, 2023
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Investing in Our Community's Future

A Worthy CauseLocated in the heart of Lakota Homes and North Rapid, the Oyate Community Center is in a prime location for delivering community programs that aim to strengthen families and provide educational opportunities beyond the classroom. In April of 2012, HEAPC began a revitalization process that has brought new life, community partnerships, and opportunities to the Community Center. The revitalization process provided restoration of the building physically as well as a new infusion of programs and services for youth and adults of all ages. In a short period of time HEAPC has successfully implemented girl scouts and boy scouts, after school and weekend activities for youth, pathways to science, evidence-based substance abuse prevention, family skill building, Lakota language instruction for youth and adults, and public health education. The Oyate Center provides a safe place for children to learn and grow with mentorship from caring adults.

Of course, while children are a small segment of the population today, they are 100% of tomorrow. An investment in quality programming to teach them about Lakota culture and values, to encourage them in science and math education, to engage them with positive role models and mentors, is an investment in our community's future.

In order to be able to continue our important work we need your help! While HEAPC and its partners have worked diligently to implement community programs and services that provide meaningful experiences and learning opportunities, it is of vital importance that HEAPC leverage funding to sustain its current work. Delivering high quality programs year round is expensive and without the assistance of concerned citizens such as you, our vision for a thriving community center may not be realized.

To learn more about making a donation to HEAPC and how your contribution will be used, please visit our donation page, where you can also make an online donation to support culturally relevant prevention services, using PayPal or a credit card.
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