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Synchronizing culture, science, and education to improve health, economic, and social wellbeing.
HEAPC provides training and technical assistance to professionals across multiple disciplines. We specialize in providing training for the planning and implementation of cultural-based best and promising practices that serve diverse populations. However, our technical assistance team maintains a strong knowledge base in several area of behavioral health, epidemiology, health promotion disease prevention, social science, and maternal child health. For more information and available training topics, see our Center for Educational Excellence page.
HEAPC is dedicated to assisting non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and healthcare systems maximize their outcomes through research and evaluation. Through tailored evaluation solutions, HEAPC is committed to assisting the mis- sion driven organization to succeed and demonstrate its worth. Our most frequently requested services include needs & capacity assessments; consumer satisfaction surveys; output & outcome measurement; logic model development; focus group testing; data analysis.
The Oyate Community Center is nestled in the middle of Lakota Community Homes in Rapid City, SD. We are the perfect location to host your business meeting, training, community gathering, or birthday party. We offer a large ball room as well as intimate meeting size space at the most affordable price in the Black Hills. Enjoy complimentary high-speed internet, computer lab, full service kitchen, catered meal service, playground, easy access parking and more. Download our Building Use form.
The continued use of the Lakota language is vital to the preservation of American Indian culture and has been demonstrated to be a protective factor for both health and health risk behavior. The Health Education and Promotion Council works to promote the Lakota language through literacy focused classes for both youth and adults. Youth classes are incorporated into the after school programming. Admission to the older teen and adult class occur on a rolling bases. Call (605)791-4445 for more information and download the Registration Form.
HEAPC’s Center for Family Services is dedicated to the implementation of programs and services that make an impact on the community in which the organization is located. HEAPC administers a number of youth, adult, and family-centered programs through the Oyate Community Center, which is located in the Heart of Lakota Community Homes. Through the Oyate Community Center, HEAPC works toward the four broad goals. For more details, see our Center for Family Services page.
HEAPC is committed to promoting positive change throughout the community. We need your support in order to continue our important work. Please call Kobi Ebert to find out ways in which you can help or make your tax-deductible Donation online.

Your charitable gifts are always appreciated no matter how big or small.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Behavioral Health Programs: Toward a Healthy & Sober Life

Our Behavioral Health Programs include alcohol and substance abuse prevention and treatment and are intricately tied to the promotion of healthy families and communities. Treatment and recovery support programs include early recovery skills, relapse prevention, family strengthening, talking circles, Wellbriety, traditional healing and Lakota language literacy classes.

Prevention Services: Synchronizing Culture & Evidence-Based Practice

The continuum of behavioral health services is likened to that of a mighty river. Substance abuse treatment and other acute behavioral health services flow far downstream toward the end of the journey of the long behemoth. In contrast, prevention services lay upstream, at the beginning of the river’s journey, and therefore affect the life course of the river and all that comes into contact with it.
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HEAPC Winter Newsletter

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, binge drinking is defined as a pattern of drinking that brings a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 grams percent or above.
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Community Health and Wellbeing Survey (CHWS)

The Community Health and Wellbeing Survey© is an innovative public health resource for collecting representative data on health, health risks, and community perceptions from a population of any size.
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Creating Evaluation Solutions for Youth Serving Organizations

HEAPC's talented evaluation team can help your youth serving organization develop and utilize several tools that can help you identify student needs, improve services, manage and report data on your programs, and demonstrate the impact of your program for grant reporting or for potential donors.
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A Worthy Cause

A Worthy Cause

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